Creating Jobs and Economic Opportunity

Economic development partnerships have the potential to enliven neighborhood economies, open new job opportunities, and build new ownership possibilities for local residents. Alternately, economic development can be used as a label for inappropriate public benefits to corporate special interests. Too often, we’ve seen states and municipalities get caught in a race to the bottom for who can offer the biggest tax give-away to large corporations. We need to always make sure our development efforts are strengthening those in the city who need it most, and that we’re using our resources in the most efficient, effective way.
As your State Senator, I support economic development investments that are targeted to build stable and broadly-shared wealth within our communities, rather than subsidize large profits that will be owned outside our community. I have been working with Senate colleagues the Patrick administration to ensure jobs are being created for minority residents, women and local residents in our neighborhoods. I will fight for the strongest transparency and accountability standards when development projects involve taxpayer dollars—so that when job-creation and local benefits promises are made to taxpayers, they are kept.
In December 2009, the Senate passed major reforms to our Criminal Offender Record Information (CORI) system - my top priority as your Senator during this legislative session and a major boost to jobs access in the Second Suffolk District. If passed by the House, the new law will help people get back to work, reduce the recidivism rates, ensure taxpayer dollars are spent more wisely, and make access to criminal records fairer and more effective.
Finally, as your State Senator, I will always be a strong voice not just for more jobs, but for good jobs. That means a fair minimum wage that’s indexed to inflation—just like legislators’ salaries. It also means remembering that our public education system is the most proven jobs program we have. It’s our most powerful tool for making Massachusetts an attractive place for businesses in the new economy, and it’s our most reliable way to make sure our people get good-paying jobs, that can sustain families and neighborhoods.
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