Improving Our Public Schools

I’ve been a public school teacher, and I will never forget the struggles—and victories—I saw my students, parents, and fellow teachers go through every day. I know first-hand the importance of providing our schools with the support they need to give every child the chance for success. Our public schools are ground zero for our country’s promise of equal opportunity, and they are the driving engine of Massachusetts’ economy.

As your State Senator, I have fought hard to defend education aid from budget cuts. I’ve also worked toward passing an achievement gap bill that aims to systematically improve student success, narrow the achievement gap facing low-income students and students of color, and increase accountability in school administration. I will continue to work ceaselessly to ensure that our schools have the resources and tools they need to complete this job: quality teachers, small class sizes, well-rounded curricula, excellent school leadership, and active community and parental involvement. I will also work to give parents the support they need to be active participants in their children’s education.

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