LGBT Equality

In 2004, Massachusetts became the first state to adopt marriage equality, setting a historic example followed by dozens of other states and later the US Supreme Court. As a young organizer in that fight and since then as a state senator, I have been a key champion on Beacon Hill for full LGBT rights. My advocacy on LGBT equality includes:

  • Fighting for full equality of transgender Bay Staters since my first term in office, serving as Senate sponsor for the Massachusetts transgender equal rights bills. In 2011, we won statewide protection against hate crimes and discrimination in employment, housing, education, and credit, and in 2016 won closure of the last legal venue for discrimination--public accommodations;
  • Fighting for and winning increases in funding for the Massachusetts Commission on LGBTQ Youth to fund anti-bullying initiatives in our schools; and
  • Fighting for and winning increases in funding for the Massachusetts Commission Against Discrimination, the state's chief civil rights agency that oversees complaints regarding discrimination on a variety of bases including sexual orientation and gender identity.

My commitment to these issues comes from my deep belief that when we make progress on civil rights and inclusion, we live up to the best of who we are as a Commonwealth. While we have achieved major victories in the LGBT movement in Massachusetts, there is much more work to do.  

We owe it to our local LGBT family, friends, and neighbors to keep fighting for full equality, and we must continue to live up to our charge to lead the nation in ensuring our government protects, respects, and values all people.

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