Protecting Our Environment

Protecting our environment is both a moral responsibility to future generations and a health and quality-of-life issue for us today. It is also a matter of economic justice, as it is low-income neighborhoods that most frequently bear the brunt of environmental degradation and health risks, and it will be the poor who feel the earliest and the most extreme consequences of global climate change in the future. While the federal government has, in past administrations, abandoned its responsibility to steward our environment, many great opportunities exist for us on the state level to take up that challenge. We have the ability to make a real difference—locally and globally, now and for future generations.

As your State Senator, I have supported strong state action to make Massachusetts an environmental leader, such as increasing the gas tax, supporting the Bottle Bill, and fighting to protect green space. Likewise, I will support strong clean air and clean water standards, investment in our public transportation infrastructure, the “greening” of building codes, and rigorous environmental justice standards.

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